Sunday, 9 March 2014

You Have Been Watching

Mounds and Circles may be back in some shape or form, but not in this shape and form for a while, so it might be worth following us or bookmarking the site. Thanks for the last few years, it's been great.

You can catch us individually at the following locations --

Mr Paul Bareham (Unmann-Wittering) 
 Island of Terror and The Pseudoscientific World of TOMTIT 

Colonel Andrew Brown (Fearlono) 
HRH Andrew Demetrius (Glimmung) 

Count Ivan Kirby (Ivan) 
Sir David Yates (Dolly Dolly) 
 Dolly Dolly Blog and Dolly Dolly Image Blog


Mounds & Circles



  1. I, for one, will very much miss you fellows' collective efforts whilst I'm sipping my coffee in work each morning. Thanks for the memories. (Well, most of them anyway...)

  2. Loved your work chaps. I'll get to your other and new ventures in due course and hope for more smut and hilarity and possibly less white text on black background (it makes giddy and not in a nice way)