Wednesday, 6 November 2013



It's been medically proven that anyone who doesn't like lurid American anthology horror comics is a twat. Fortunately, I was raised on stacks of them by my grandparents, who had access to an improbable supply via their green-grocers shop.

These wonderful publications gave me the impression that the USA was a nightmare world of twisted wrongdoings, ghastly shambling living corpses in the streets, and hatchet-wielding escaped mental patients bursting through every other window in the land. Happily, during a trans-Atlantic stay at a friend's cousin's home in Philadelphia when I was 16, I discovered that my early assumptions were entirely substantiated.

I still rabidly collect these treasures, and often arrange them into elaborate protective circles on the floor whenever the forces of good conspire against me. Here's another selection from one of our favourite publishers, the vile Charlton Comics.

HAUNTED: Issue# 19 - December 1974 
HAUNTED: Issue# 20 - February 1975
HAUNTED: Issue# 17 - July 1974


  1. I must have seen a copy of 'The Weird War' (got any of them?) when I was maybe ten, story depicting a female US Army medic using the casualties on the front in the Ardennes as subjects for Frankensteinian experiments. VERY disturbing at that age.

    1. Thanks for reminding me about the wonderful Weird War (and the poor state of my collection).
      I'll be sending an invoice for the small fortune I just spent on some early issues directly to you, Reimer.

      The current fashion for Undead Nazis could never have happened without that title.