Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The Price of Vincent

Vincent Price is one of my very favourite Americans.  Obviously I never actually met him, but of all the great horror film stars he's the one I'd most have liked to.  He just always seems to be such tremendous fun, even while playing the ghastliest of fiends.

Like Boris Karloff and Peter Cushing, part of his appeal rests on a contrast of refinement and monstrosity, and Price was probably better known than any of his fellow stars for his offscreen activities: in his case as a well-known gourmet and all-round bon viveur (his radio series for the BBC, The Price of Fear, cleverly combines both strands of his persona by casting him as a fabulously urbane traveller encountering all sorts of grim goings-on in various corners of the world).

Price's instantly recognisable face (and, of course, voice), along with his reputation as a man of exceedingly good taste, made him a favourite of US advertisers in the latter part of his career, and Vincent, bless him, seemed happy to sell just about anything.  Here's just a selection of the remarkably diverse products he was, for a while at least, the face of.

Polaroid tv ad - vincent-price Photo

Vincent pasta ad - vincent-price Photo

Apple Dolls Shrunken Head Kit

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