Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Peak Performance

This supersmooth, silver mofo is BOB PEAK. It least it was, he's dead now. Between the late fifties and the early nineties Bob's charming, super colourful, slightly childish illustrations adorned countless movie posters, from West Side Story to Apocalypse, Now!; Modesty Blaise to Santa Clause: The Movie; Camelot to Excalibur.  

You may not have heard the name, but you will know his work, even if the only film you've ever seen stars Clint Eastwood and a ginger ape.   

As an aside, in 1980, my brothers and I once watched 'Any Which Way You Can' four times in a row when we were trapped on a ferry to Bruges which was unable to dock due to a wildcat strike. None of us of ever watched the film again - in fact, my little brother Andy is immediately sick if he even hears the phrase 'Right turn, Clyde', which is why I can't stop saying whenever I see him.

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