Thursday, 7 November 2013

Booby Charlton

God knows I love Charlton Comics, I love comics full stop, I'm not a twat. But, marvellous as they are, Charlton Comics are cheap and shoddy and printed on inferior paper and, even accounting for differences between English English and American English, whoever does the scriptwriting and the lettering and the editing simply can't spell. Under normal circumstances this, of course, would be a disaster for a publisher but, in this case, just adds to the fun. Just a few examples, plucked from two random comics.


I'm not American, but shouldn't that be 'cootie'? Silly word, anyway.

Muleing? MULEING? Does Satan mean 'mewling', do you think?

PERSUE a dictionary, Sirs.

Charlton Comics, 1946 - 1985.

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