Friday, 15 November 2013

At Your Command


Some of the amazing art for the superlative Command Records, the unsurpassed home of top quality easy listening recorded in fantastic stereo. Command recorded their albums onto 35mm film, giving them far more channels to ping pong around and a licence to add as many instruments as head man Enoch Light* could lay his hands on. The music may sometimes sound quaint now, but the execution and clarity is always flawless. For Space Age Bachelor Pads everywhere.   

*Light also had a genius for band names, leading Enoch Light & The Light Brigade and, later, The Brass Menagerie. 


  1. I have a copy of Persuasive Percussion and the sound & stereo quality is amazing. Did not know about the 35mm film.

  2. Enoch Light's SPACED OUT album is amazing! I listen to his stuff when I sit on my porch late at night in the summer, with a good book, cigar and sweet tea vodka.