Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Our Day Out

I've been away on a work trip to 1971. We stayed at the Albany Inn, Wakefield. It's great. This is me in the reception. Nice bit of skirt that receptionist. No joy there. Must be frigid.

This was my room. Not bad, all mod cons.

This was where I called reception for a drink. No one came. Dunno why.

So I went down to the bar for a few pints of Best.

This is me chatting up a real Bobby Dazzler I spied in the coffee shop. No joy there, too stuck up.

This is the corridor where I threw up in the plant pot.

This is me and my mates chatting up a couple more dolly birds. No joy there either, so we went for something to eat.

A nice spread and eight pints of Best. Each.

This is the staircase where I threw up. Must've been something I ate.

After being asked to leave we moved on the the Albany Inn, Rugby. These places all sound the same. Top nosh in the swanky restaurant and another 10 pints of Best.

We made it to the meeting eventually. This is the conference room before I was sick on the table.

I had a little wander round the reception

That carpet was very confusing.

Followed by another few pints in the bar.

We thought about sobering up in the coffee shop but no one really fancied it.

The next few hours were a bit of a blur. We picked up a Party Seven and somehow we all piled into my mate's Triumph Stag and bombed down the M1 for breakfast at the Yankee Doodle Resaurant, Knightsbridge, in 1972. Knockout!


  1. I would have fancied a bit of that ribbed green column

  2. Sounds like a swinging time. Wish I could've joined you...