Monday, 16 September 2013

Curwen Litho

It all seems a bit antiquated in this era of 3-d printing but where would we be without the humble lithograph? Well, we would certainly be without many fine examples of great British design and illustration.

The Curwen Press led the way from the 1920s with a programme that combined the technical skills of their print engineers with artistic talent. Their experimental colour printing produced many delightful effects that are still simulated in digital print, often with inferior results.

Curwen press leaflet from 1924, illustrated by Claud Lovat Fraser

Lithographs for Schools brochure (1937)

Curwen Press Newsletter, 1937, illustrated by Edward Ardizzone

Gavin Boyd Harte, Temples of Power (1979)

Llyn Chadwick, Moon in Alabama (1963)

Leonard Rosoman, The Gothic Temple at Stowe (1971)
Harold Cohen, poster design for Harold Pinter's The Homecoming (1967)

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  1. 'The Gothic Temple at Stowe' made me try to climb inside the screen