Saturday, 20 July 2013

"She's Going Into Druid's Woods..."

My good friend MISEN got his hands on the DIANA for GIRLS (annual 1977) which has girly sci-fi / horror / western strips and a strip called SADLY THE OLIVES GROW (some of the artists also did horror strips for Warren Publishing)
 – this is his favourite panel >


He's kindly scanned the full 8 page girly occult strip MIRROR OF EVIL which the panel above was taken from, and here's a link to a cbr file* of the story.

*anyone scratching their head over 'cbr' files can learn more, and download the necessary software -for free- here.

I have a wealth of occult comic strips from the 70's, and will happily share more here unless petitioned to cease and desist.$(KGrHqF,!o0FEF9dHN0ZBRr2m-(-bw~~60_35.JPG


  1. Please don't stop, we all need more. Roll on Sept 2nd

  2. Stop? Good Lord, no...

  3. Forgiveness: anyone knows the artist of this little picture?