Monday, 1 July 2013


John Herries McCulloch was a Scotsman (there's a clue somewhere in his name) and he loved Scotland.

A lot.

He wrote loads and loads of books about how brilliant Scotland is. He went on about it a bit too much if you ask me. But there was one thing that Johnny liked more than Scotland: Border Collies.

He wrote this book about them.  It's sweet and loving, written by someone who really cares about the subject. And as much as he tries to be academic he can't help but let his feelings seep out.

'The expert shepherd to-day works through gentleness, patience, and firmness. I do not know one who handles his dogs with harsh severity; I would not care to know such a man'

If you ever happen across a copy, snap it up. It's lovely.

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  1. Great subject for what sounds like a great book - I love 'em.