Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Tales Of The Unexpected: The Unseen Episodes

A swinging wheeler-dealer (Charles Gray) gets the shock of his life one day when he makes himself a cup of tea. Turning on the tap to fill the kettle he is amazed to discover that instead of water he's got hot and cold running milk!


Always quick to capitalize on an opportunity, he decides to offer his neighbours a cut-price dairy service,  promising to reduce their existing bills by 50%.
Once the orders start to roll in, he begins to sneak out each night, filling up the empty bottles left on his neighbours' doorsteps using a long hose pipe connected to his cold tap.

Eventually one of the customers (James Cossins) gets wise to what's happening and demands a slice of the action. The swinging milk man refuses and is promptly beaten to within an inch of his life.


Rushed in to hospital, the doctors have one chance to save his life: a massive blood transfusion. But they are astonished to find that his veins are full of milk, not blood!

Luckily the hospital is next to a farm, so they attach him to a milking machine and he makes a full recovery. 

The End.

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