Thursday, 6 June 2013

Peter's on the Bottle

Peter Cushing was in Star Wars and some other films ages ago and died of prostate cancer.

He was great in everything no matter how shit the thing he was in was. I liked it when he got a bit ruffled in films and his carefully coiffed hair would become a bit unruly and he'd get sort of 'wings' above his ears. It's worth watching all of the films he was in just in case his hair goes all wingy, it's so good when it happens.
Cushing: while still alive I expect.

Note: hair in 'non-wing' position 

He lived by the seaside somewhere and was a very nice man by all accounts. Unlike his co-star Christopher Lee - who, when not making unlistenable heavy metal albums, is rumoured to get his kicks by punching farm animals full in the face for shits and giggles. 

Lee: looking smug because he's just punched a duck full on the beak

Peter's wife died and he got quite upset which is sad because he really liked her and everything. When not making films or mourning, he painted with watercolours. He was pretty good and could do smart faces and that.

A little known fact about the Grand Moff Cushing was he also took to the beautiful art of bottle painting.

You'll note from the pictures featured here that they display a slightly psychedelic bent. During the filming of Dr.Who and the Daleks it is alleged that the actress Jennie Linden gave Peter a walnut salad that contained Psilocybin mushrooms just because she just thought it would be funny.

Linden: probably definitely a dealer

The drug had a profound effect on Peter. According to one of the catering staff on the shoot he kept holding up a bottle of milk of magnesia (he was almost permanently constipated due to a childhood habit of corking himself to stop random leakage and would keep a bottle on him at all times) and staring into the all-white bottle claimed that he could see 'all the unknown colours at the centre of the universe' and resigned there and then to try to recreate the experience by painting on any old tatty bottle he could find.

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