Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Geoffrey Knows, You Know

Geoffrey Fletcher was documenting London's underbelly and forgotten spaces decades before any of the trumped up so-called 'psychogeographers'. With just a sketch book and an eye for detail he published many books of his observations and walks around London. Originating as a regular column in - of all places, The Daily Telegraph, he wrote beautiful vignettes, odes to the porcelain urinals in Holborn or the faded glory of the disappearing Music Halls.

The London Noboby Knows is his most famous book and was turned into a documentary film in 1967 by Norman Cohen. It starred James Mason in a cloth cap who pointed at poor people with his walking stick.


  1. I've got the film at home. Norman Cohen does point a stick at poor people quite a lot. It's worthy of a watch.

  2. James Mason's hilariously grumpy in the film. I don't think he actually says "Progress? Bah!" at any point, but you feel he might do so at any moment.