Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Ancient Mysteries for Kids

First published in 1958.  You'll no doubt be stunned to learn that this edition dates from the early 70s.  The description on the back is probably the most enticing I've ever read.

Essentially it's a child's guide to becoming an ill-fated M R James character.  The book's full title is Looking and Finding and Collecting and Reading and Investigating and Much Else.  Which I'm sure you'll agree is a pretty neat summation of what we do here at Mounds and Circles.  Especially the "Much Else" bit.


  1. I think you have found our new tag-line: Mounds and Circles - a World of Pleasure and Delight.

  2. "Essentially it's a child's guide to becoming an ill-fated M R James character." -- that made me laugh out loud.

  3. On page 27 of this magickal tome I learned that:

    "If you say the words "Mounds and Circles" backwards (making sure to bend the pitch slightly) you will distinctly hear the phrase "tombstones and weathercocks".
    Try it and see for yourself, but remember: what happens next is up to you !"

  4. ''You can provoke a guardian manifested in an evil face of crumpled linen!

  5. ''I don't want you kids playin' wiv them bleedin' Barrow Wights, do you hear me?"