Tuesday, 7 May 2013

More Lost Arts

Another peep at some of the kidnapped Kids Art that used to adorn the grey and biscuit coloured walls of the Council office I worked in for several years. I feel I should point out that the art is kidnapped, not that it was produced by child hostages. We looked at abstracts last week, now let's turn our attention to the landscapes and still lifes...

Death Valley, Doncaster.

I'd have been proud of this one.

I saw a David Bowie painting once that looked like this, but worse.

Nice jugs.

Nice / Naive.

I like the flowers.
Teenage Georgia O'Keefe.

Now these to me hold more artistic promise than the abstracts, although my tastes mean that I like those better. I suppose it's because you can see some measurable skill here in terms of form and line - the abstracts are very well executed in the most part, but that could just have been a lucky break. 

Anyway, they used to make the working day more bearable, so I'm grateful to whoever painted them, wherever they are now. I may not see their like again.

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  1. I actually really like the first one.