Friday, 24 May 2013


Carel Weight (1908-1997) first exhibited in the early thirties before becoming an official war artist and then having a long, distinguished and prolific artistic and academic career.

Weight's recurrent subject matter is bizarre occurences in urban settings, whether it be the frenzied chair attack in 'Anger' (top), mystical visitations ('The Departing Angel', middle) or a 'Quatermass & The Pit' style phantasmagoria of fantastic imagery in a London street ('Hammersmith Nights', bottom). In other pictures, people are attacked by lions, haunted by ghosts, flee from mini-apocalypses, or just sit or stand in stunned, awkward silence. His work is brilliant, profoundly odd and highly recommended.

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  1. I'm working on a children's board game based on 'frenzied chair attack'.
    It's basically snakes and ladders, but the winner gets twatted with whatever chairs are near to hand.