Thursday, 9 May 2013

Dance Round The Maypole

Before Wizzard brought us the perennial festive pop classic 'I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day' in 1973, frontman Roy Wood recorded this pagan stomper (reputedly featuring members of 'The Move') and released it in 1969. 


I'm able to let you into a secret now, and announce that I've penned my very own song to celebrate the merrie month of May. It's all my own work, and I've drawn no inspiration whatsoever from any previous pop records you might have heard before.
Here's the chorus:

 "So here it is Happy May Day
   Everybody's having fun
Look to the Summer now
It's only just begun


  1. He could certainly knock out a cracking tune, could old Roy.

    With regards to reputedly featuring some of The Move, Wood's vocals are very distinctive, singing the "Dance Round the Maypole" chorus, and other elements, but the main vocal on the verses sounds very much like the late Carl Wayne (Move frontman 1965 - 1969)

  2. I believe you've got this one all sewn up, Jeffman; perhaps The Move had taken so much acid they thought they were in a different band entirely.
    We've all been there.