Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Piper Alpha and Omega

John Piper (1903-92) is best known as a painter and printmaker, but photography played an important part of his practice throughout his career as an artist.  He rarely used photographs as sources for his paintings, more as an adjunct, and they share with the work of fellow artist-photographer Paul Nash an artistic sensibility and questing for a deeper understanding of the British landscape, its spirits and (pre-)history.

Does this selection of images suggest an unexpected mash-up of M.R.James/Arthur Machen with a Shell Guide book? It works for me.

Hopfield at Horsmondon, Kent

Backwater of the Thames, Lechlade, Glos., 1936

Infant School

The Root-house, Badminton, 1974

Llanwnda, Dyfed

Glass at Cherington, Warks.

Harvest Festival

Howard Monument, Rudbaxton, Dyfed

Font at Toller Fratrum, Dorset

Cheer up mate, might never happen...


  1. I'm going to be deeply disturbed by 'Backwater of the Thames' for the rest of my life.
    Thanks !

  2. Too right! That's darkthrone atmospherical to the max.