Thursday, 14 March 2013

Tales Of The Unexpected: The Unseen Episodes

After returning home from hospital, a man (Milton Johns) is confined to his bed while he recovers from experimental hair transplant surgery. Wired-up to life saving machinery, and delirious from medication, he becomes increasingly convinced that his wife (June Brown) is having an affair after hearing a husky male voice, lots of giggling, and moaning coming from downstairs. Each time he hears the noises, his hair rapidly grows longer, and vibrantly changes colour. Eventually, he can take no more, wrenches the electrodes from his head, and stumbles downstairs seeking revenge.

Bursting into the front room, he strangles his wife to death, before noticing that she'd been watching pornography on the brand new VHS machine she'd bought him as a surprise for when he got better. The End.


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