Monday, 25 March 2013

Rear Of The Year-ers: 1938


‘The Rear of the Year’ competition has always been a popularity contest rather than a genuine rectal examination, with the winner invariably being the man or woman of the moment.
Inevitably, this has led to some ‘interesting’ choices, with champions ranging from the ephemeral (Jenny Logan, Jim Diamond) to those discredited in later years (Anthony Blunt, Dave Lee Travis, ‘H’ from ‘Steps’). Perhaps the biggest arse clanger of all came in 1938, when Time Magazines 'Man of the Year' Adolf fucking Hitler also became our Rear of the Year.

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor flew to Berlin to present Herr Hitler with his award.
They stayed for three months.
Oops. To be fair to the competition organisers, however, they made sure Hitler didn’t even get nominated in 1939. Stalin won it that year.

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