Friday, 22 March 2013

Night After Night After Night After Night After Night After Night After Night After Night After Night

Well, it’s been an interesting week (for us, anyway), indeed one that has divided opinion amongst the Mounds and Circles team.
As I type, Glimmung and Fearlono are stripped from the waist and fighting to the death in the back garden. Fearlono has just used the blog trampoline to execute a perfect 360 degree flip and roundhouse kick. Glimmung has borne the blow with a wry smile, and is now preparing himself for another onslaught by doing that clicky thing with his neck and shoulders. I’d intervene but I’m not allowed as my mastery of martial arts means that I am registered as a deadly weapon. If I kick someone’s head off, it’s murder.  Dolly Dolly is smiling beatifically and sitting on the fence. Lucky fence.
Anyway, here’s ‘Night After Night After Night’ in full so, if you like, you can find out what the hell we’ve been jabbering on about all week. 

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  1. Seems to be one of those "sleazy, violent, sleazy, violent, sleazy, violent....morality tale" movies.