Saturday, 30 March 2013

Dracula A.D. 1972

Published in 1972 by the New English Library, the 'DRACULA ANNUAL' is a thing of exquisite beauty. I'm told that NEL took the remaining stocks of their 'Dracula' magazine (published in the same year, and running for 12 issues), bound them together, and released them in this hardback format.

This book is a heavyweight 240 pages of full colour comic strips, featuring cosmic European psychedelia, wigged-out swords and sorcery, deranged gothic nightmares, and a wealth of disturbing standalone tales.
My copy is kept well guarded, and is treated as a visual spell-book; useful in emergencies, and any time my psychic batteries need a swift recharge.
Inside the front cover is the name 'Sarah Smith', written in pencil. I'd love to know who she is/ was, and why she let this magnificent book escape into the night..

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  1. By Jove this looks lovely! If all the pages look as good as these it would be well worth the 40-odd quid copies are going for these days.