Monday, 18 February 2013

Tales Of The Unexpected: The Unseen Episodes

Nicol Williamson plays a sausage magnate who is horrible to everyone, but reserves his most vehement contempt for his long suffering secretary (Hayley Mills with glasses on) who is in love with him. An angry run in with a gypsy leads to him being cursed. His skin becomes transluscent and terribly thin and, one by one, his fingers turn into sausages. Desperate, he goes to his secretary's house for her help only to find that she is in cahoots with the spell casting Romany. As they laugh and jeer at him he grabs his crotch in horror and screams. Fade out. In the final scene, Hayley is gleefully chomping on a ketchup covered chipolata.

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  1. "Hayley Mills with glasses on." Hubba Hubba!