Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A Font of Endless Love

Look at this:

It's beautiful isn't it?

I adore it. I dream about it. I worship it. I love it.

It's called Johnston and it is a typeface. A genius called Edward Johnston created it (with a little help from Eric Gill) and it is used for the signs on the London Underground.

it is not just any old font - oh no. it is perhaps one of the greatest fonts of all time.

No, DAMN IT! It IS the greatest font of all time.

I think I may have my gravestone epitaph carved in it. It's the font I see in my head when I close my eyes and dream of informational signage. I once bought a Travelcard and rode on every tube the length and breath of the underground just so I could see the joy that is Johnston Sans - my heart skipping a beat with anticipation before every new stop. The slight glimpse of the perfect circle of the 'O' was enough to make me swoon with happiness. The diamond dot above the 'i' filled me with endless frissons of excitement. Oh joy!

Despite it being over a hundred years old, it still looks slick and as modern as if it were only designed yesterday. 

It is - in my, considered, extremely well informed and correct under all circumstances opinion one of the most important creations in the history of the human race. It beats the invention of the wheel hands down, knocks the printing press into a cocked hat and frankly pisses over the internal combustion engine, telly and the fucking internet.


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  1. Proper fine font. Shines majestic while Souvenir rots in 1972.