Thursday, 6 December 2012

Time Out

Here are a few pages from my copy of London's 'Living Guide' Time Out magazine from the summer of 1970. It's only A5 size, black and white on cheap newsprint. What did you expect for 20 pence?

I suppose I didn't expect belligerent racist bluesman Eric Clapton and some naked girls on the cover. Certainly a bit more risque than our contemporary Time Out. It seems to promise cheap thrills, bohemian sounds and importantly for Mounds and Circles readers, 'Sexy Cinema'. The inside cover advertising the debut album by country-rockers Cochise* reinforces the free-love message.

Inside cover: Say cheese - sexy sounds on a sea of boobs
Presented here is a sample of the cinema pages listings and adverts to give a taste of the fine films available to cinema-goers back then. I for one would have been a very happy punter.

Cinema Voyeur appears to be the preferred euphemism for the dirty raincoat brigade, as those seeking more titillating viewing had to go through the legal ruse of joining a private club to see some smut. Not sure why this was necessary when the Classic Windmill was showing Do You Want to Remain a Virgin Forever? / Twisted Girls without membership, but perhaps the additional swindle added to the excitement.

More Time Out fun 'Coming Soon', as the say in Sexy Cinema...

* Jeez Cochise: it's not a very good album but worth noting as an early appearance by BJ Cole, go-to session player for pedal steel virtuosity.


  1. Eric Clapton, the Emperor's new clothes personified. Happy to make his fortune off the black man's music, so long as "they" don't come over here.

    Give me the excellent Cochise any day of the week.

  2. Imagine how boring he must be now he doesn't drink. Formula 1 Blues.

  3. Odd to think of sex cinemas outside of Soho and in places like Walthamstow or Putney.