Thursday, 13 December 2012

Time Out 3 - End Papers

A few final pages from July 1970's Time Out.
Collet's Record Shop, apparently staffed by Mounds & Circles: (Left-right) Fearlono, DollyDolly, Glimmung, Unmann-Wittering
Test shots will not be used for publication but may be sold under the table down the pub

I have no idea what 'Goobie Handle for Leather' might mean, but this is an advert for the famous Kings Road boutique Granny Takes a Trip so it's anyone's guess.

The small ads at the back of the magazine reveal another era. Some sound so innocent or bizarre I can only conclude an ulterior meaning:

'Attractive girls to live/work with a communal family in Hawaii' = Manson sex cult

'Sam Plumb send us your address and we will send you your cyclops' = Drugs

'Really nice' person wanted for flatshare = no Manson sex cult junkies

Free accommodation for 'ambitious girls with ... talent for free-form dance or facial expressions' = Apply D. Hemmings, c/o Blow Up, Antonioni, Swinging London (4 years late)

I think I'll just take the free kittens, no strings attached.

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