Monday, 3 December 2012

Sir Roland Penrose

We like Roland Penrose, and had originally posted two of his wonderful paintings here for you to gawk at and think 'hey, this fellow is a genius, I want to find out much more about him, right now'.

Unfortunately, Roland's estate (he died 28 years ago) don't like us using his images on our little weblog and have asked us to remove them, so we have, sorry.


  1. Uncanny - I visited the Penrose archive last Thursday. You'd love it.

  2. I am the rights manager of the Roland Penrose Estate. It has been brought to my attention that two our images have been illegally used on your website.
    These are: "Le Grand Jour, 1938’ by Roland Penrose
    :Night and Day, 1937’ by Roland Penrose
    Whilst we appreciate your enthusiasm for Roland Penrose’s work the images are under copyright.
    We require you to remove these images from your website immediately or negotiate a licence by emailing:
    I look forward to receiving your reply by return.
    Kerry Negahban

  3. Kerry - we are very sorry about the breech of copyright and have removed the images. We do have more posts about Roland planned but will do our best just to describe the genius of his paintings rather than actually showing them.