Monday, 24 December 2012

Five Easy Pieces

We're going to give you your Mounds and Circles Christmas present a day early, because if you're checking your blogs on Christmas Day it would suggest you're probably doing something wrong.

I love a good TV theme. I like film scores and library soundtracks too but certain TV themes possess the ability to transport me to memories of very specific times and places in my life. So here is a small personal selection of rips.

The Martian Chronicles
Late 70s TV adaptation of Ray Bradbury's classic. Rock Hudson may be more wooden that a pile of logs and the effects 'special' (though not in a good way) but the story is gold standard SF, intelligent and original. Theme by Stanley Myers.

Shock of the New
Australian art critic Robert Hughes' seminal series assessing the development of modern art in the 20th century. Radiophonic theme courtesy of Paddy Kingsland.

The King's Dragon
Short series from the BBC's Look and Read kids educational series. I only have to hear this and I'm back in kindergarten. Theme by the quiet man of the Radiophonc Workshop, Roger Limb.

BBC's Watch was a pre-school favourite of mine. The piece is actually called Primaballerina and performed on Carlos Diernhammer's easy listening gem Swing Bach.

Ways of Seeing
Another fave from my days at art school. John Berger opened a lot of minds as he was able to introduce complex ideas in an easily comprehensible way. He had some great shirts too. Edited by David Gladwell. Unknown composer.

Happy Christmas from Mounds & Circles. Or, as Margot Leadbetter would say, "Yuletide felicitations" to you all.


  1. Very kind, sir. I forgot to get you a pressie though and so now I feel last.