Monday, 3 December 2012

Destination: Festival

When somebody finally gets around to inventing a Time Machine, I can think of literally hundreds of historical events that I'd like to witness, but very few I'd like to take part in. I mean, seeing the the Battle Of Trafalgar would be one thing; dodging cannon balls and French snipers on the deck of the 'Victory' another; going back to when dinosaurs ruled the earth would be an incredible experience - as long as you weren't potentially on the menu. I'm not a coward, by the way, I just don't want to get killed on holiday.

The Festival Of Britain, however, is more my speed. If it came to getting out of the time machine and strolling around soaking up the ambience and interacting with the past, this would be top of the list. Apart from Churchill, everyone seems to have got such a massive boost out of it, I'm sure it must have been a wonderful experience. So, yeah, one return ticket, please, May 1951.

Oh, and one of those fancy ice cream wafers, please.

And for no other reason than I never grow tired of looking at pictures of the Festival, here are some more snapshots, quite unusually in glorious colour.

Nostalgia is, apparently, the English disease - but is it a new strain to feel it for a time before you were born? 

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