Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Desmond Morris

The Nest I (1947)

The Intruder (1949)

Training Ground (1957)

New Arrival (1960)

 Good Morning, Miss Smith (1969)

The Arena (1976)
Zoologist, anthropologist, philosopher, writer and TV presenter Desmond 'Naked Ape' Morris has also been a surrealist painter for sixty four years, having had his first exhibition in 1948 at the tender age of 20. Morris' output is understandably compact given his busy schedule, but fairly consistent in its style and themes, a sort of Miro meets Dali with a dash of Hieronymus Bosch, often infused with his abiding fascination with wild life.

"Desmond Morris transforms the amorphous biological life-forms of the microscope and transposes their imagery into a jittery choreography of androgynous misfits that scratch and tease at the very fabric of reason and logic. By resolving the conflict between mental emancipation and logical control, he becomes inextricable from the great uncharted dream-world of Surrealism, which evokes all that is possible from an impossible world."

-- Conroy Maddox, 1966.

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  1. It looks like a Lysergic look down the microscope lens.