Thursday, 22 November 2012

Tales of the Unexpected: The Unseen Episodes

Morning Horn

The narrator (John Woodvine) goes to visit a friend (Robin Askwith) for breakfast one morning. Arriving early, he lets himself in and knocks on the door of his friend's bedroom. On entering, the man is clearly in a state of extreme agitation, insisting that there is a deadly snake in his bed.

The narrator chides him it's just a gentleman's normal morning tumescence and goes to make coffee in the kitchen. While he is gone the man gets up to dress and promptly catches his manhood in his fly zipper. Closing shot of the narrator spilling his coffee at his friend's agonizing scream. The End.

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  1. TOTU Trivia: In the United States the title of this story was to be changed to "Hi Honey I'm Horn" to make it more audience friendly.
    Sadly, we all know the story of this troubled production, and how the primitive, drunken actions of Robin Askwith caused the entire crew to abandon filming, and deliberately set fire to the studio.