Monday, 22 October 2012

Paradise Found

Some screen shot screenshots from the film within a film featured in the 1969 classic sociological study 'Carry On Camping'. Watching this film is laying the ground for Sid James and Bernard Bresslaw to take their girlfriend's Joan Sims and Dilys Laye to a nudist camp, in the hope that they might finally put out. Sid James was 56 years old at the time, rather long in the tooth to still be waiting to consumate a relationship. He only had eight years to live, poor bugger.

The documentary shown is a real one, the historic 'Nudist Paradise' from 1958, arguably the first ever Britsh smutter - well, certainly the first one to be shown in proper cinemas - here with contemporary inserts of a semi-nude Gilly Grant added to up the ante.

I love the perfectly characterised reactions from the ageing cast, too, and the dialogue:

Joan: 'I suppose you'd rather we sat here stark naked!'
Sid: 'It wouldn't bother me'.
Joan: 'It would if your ice lolly fell in your lap'.

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