Tuesday, 9 October 2012

It's A Cyn

Note 'I am your slave' belt.


'Two lumps, please'.

Each to their own.
This guy just loves feet.

Cynthia Payne in the flesh.

He likes it.

He likes them.



If she had a face, she'd be quite attractive.
 Some actual photographs from the real House Of Cyn. I'll bet they didn't get those developed at the nearest Boots.


  1. Re: "Pointy."

    what multi-coloured madness is resting on the man's arm?
    To me it looks like a cat that's been turned inside-out shortly after eating the contents of some cheap Christmas crackers.

    * these photographs are pure gold by the way !

  2. Good God, man, never seen a cat that's been turned inside out shortly after eating the contents of some cheap Christmas crackers before?

    Anyway, what are you doing reading my posts when you should be writing your posts?

    1. I'd find it easier to finish my posts if I didn't spend so much time reading yours.

      :sound of whip cracking above my head:

  3. You'll find we have quite clearly defined roles here: I'm the bossy one, Glimmung is the deep one, Dave is the psychotic one. Pick yourself a role!

  4. U-W, you are Dagon to my Deep One. Fearlono, you will learn to appreciate Paul's strict discipline. The pleasure is the Payne.