Monday, 10 September 2012


The Beautiful People.

'You've missed it completely, love'

Afterglow. that floor looks comfy.

Surrogate Mum.


She's getting there.

Decorating can be erotic, can't it?

Acting x10.

Acting x1,000.

Consider this equation:

Smut Cinema - Smut - the Cinematic = 80 minutes of nothing. 

In the spirit of the infamous review of Spinal Tap's Shark Sandwich, we have only this to say about Nightbirds: Shitebirds.

PS  The twist is: she has syphillis and is a psycho, the dirty psycho cow.

PPS Male star Berwick Kaler is now better known for having directed and played the dame at the York Theatre Royal panto 33 times since 1977.


  1. Kaler was also Spender's liaison officer in the Jimmy Nail police series. Always remember him from that

  2. Oh, I dunno, I thought this was pretty charming... but then I thought 'The Body Beneath' was the best thing I've seen in years, so it's all relative. Both are masterpieces compared to most other Andy Milligan films.