Monday, 17 September 2012

Music to Watch Girls By

Okay, you like movies, you like girls, you like French jazz, you like grubby Frenchmen. Forget about old Andy Williams. Orson Welles has the next-level shizzle for you with a sequence from his film F for Fake, where he parades his then girlfriend around Paris in a minidress and films the resulting lustful gallic leers. 

It's a red herring of course but like most of the scenes in this shaggy dog story plus non ultra it manages to combine revealing profundity and sublime entertainment. Welles described it as "a new kind of film", neither fiction nor documentary but an inspired fusion of both in what has been termed the first 'essay film'. Alas it was also his last film and given it's poor box office performance sadly few producers since have been interested in pursuing this idea further.

Michel Legrand provides tip-top tunage with Orson's Theme, the only scrap of music from the film that appears to be commercially available. 

Mr Jonny Trunk, if you're listening, an OST release is much needed, s'il vous plait.


  1. Though the voice over deliberately states otherwise, isn't it actually his girlfriend's sister parading about in front of all the leering Frenchmen?

  2. You may be right - it's all so deliberately misleading I'm not sure if there is a definitive answer. Perhaps the solution is to just relax and enjoy it?