Saturday, 22 September 2012

Getting the Fear

Here's some bloody good news direct from the run down Mounds and Circles Mansion. Fearlono, of wonderful blog / sound project 'Cottage Of Electric Hell' has moved his shit in to the South Wing and become our fourth regular contributor!

Welcome to our dysfunctional family, Andrew, please feel free to have the run of the place, although I would definitely keep out of Dolly Dolly's room, he has unusual and unnatural ways of dealing with trespassers.


  1. Thanks for the warning, but it's already too late.
    I blundered into Dolly Dolly's chambers at 4am on Saturday night, during a heavily erroneous trip to the bathroom -which I've still yet to find- and was met with an unearthly force of nature.

    It's now Tuesday evening and I've only just managed to escape and find my way back to the South wing (and the welcome relief of my official M & C potty).

    How exactly did I get here anyway ?

  2. How did you get here? The same as all of us - bad luck and poor judgement. At least Dolly Dolly will leave you alone now. For 24 hours, then it all starts again.

  3. You've seen The Vault of Horror. We are lost souls, condemned to tell stories of our evil deeds every night for all eternity.