Saturday, 15 September 2012

Font Favourites

Words are great, aren't they? They're a bit like human bodies - the best ones are functional and durable but also make you go 'phwoar'. Fonts are like clothes for words, sort of. Some are like shit coloured cardigans, some are like wacky novelty ties. Some are like timelessly stylish Savile row suits - oh, or mad dandy peacock coloured cravats: the cravat has no particular purpose, but it certainly makes your neck look good.

Courier is a classic, no nonsense monospaced slab serif font. Designed to make electric typewriters look like manual ones to ease people into the electronic world, it's Mod to the core and, if you type it in 12 point size, any film or TV executive will be fooled into thinking it's a red hot script. I keep wanting to say it's very 'Mad Men', but I've never seen 'Mad Men', so I'd just be bullshitting and, as the font was invented in 1955 rather than 2007, in fact, 'Mad Men' is actually very Courier.

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