Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Artist of the Week: Oh, Man!

What is art? Yes, here at M&C we're not afraid to ask the big questions, and this is a real poser. Of course there is no definitive answer, so as an example let's have a brief look at the work of Man Ray, famous Surrealist artist.

His formal innovations in photography have few equals, and a favourite subject for his lens was the female form, a traditional artistic genre. However, in his struggle to push the boundaries of the avant garde and further offend the notions of 'good taste' among the bourgeoisie, the imagery seems to move from 'artistic' to lewd. I can't help feeling Man Ray was really a smutter at heart.

Perhaps the best answer to our original question came from the great Marshall McLuhan:

"Art is whatever you can get away with".

Not sure what it is - it must be art!

Yes, definitely art



Ooh, kinky!

Seeing double

Open wide!

Crikey! Looks like smut!

Smut. Good honest smut.


  1. You just can't help wondering if just after these photos were taken the Benny Hill music kicked in, and Man Ray started chasing Lee Miller Kiki Montparnasse and Nusch Eluard round the room very fast.

  2. Yakety Sax was actually a readymade found by Marcel Duchamp

  3. So Marcel Duchamp was in fact Jackie Wright.

  4. Yep, and Bella Emberg was Rrose Sélavy