Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Anti-Fonz


Kirk St. Moritz / Eric Morris


  1. Aw got to love Kirk though! He's still chucking peanuts at Mrs Arnott's head somewhere I'm sure

  2. Which sitcom is this? And do you recall the late 70s one about two brothers, one a copper, the other a classic stroppy Lefty?

  3. It's 'Dear John'. If the brothers were black the other sit-com sounds like 'The Front Line'

  4. I recently re-watched "Dear John" after having fond memories of its original run, and soon wished I'd never bothered.
    The lonely hearts club is a great premise, and there are some offbeat characters, but I don't think I can ever recall a sitcom where you can witness the cast and crew just giving up on it in the way they do midway through series two of this. It simply sputters and dies...
    Also, Ralph Bates's John is so utterly craven & pathetic, I ended up loathing him, which surely wasn't the intention.
    That episode where super cool Kirk St Moritz stands revealed as living-with-his-mum loser Eric Morris is undoubtedly the high point, the sort of through-the-looking-glass twist that they should have tried more often, but you sense just couldn't be bothered with...

    Dazzy Hitch.

    1. That's the whole point, the programme was one loveable losers could relate to, I'm incredibly lucky now to have a relatively normal life, 'Dear John' was the TV equivalent of remembering learning how to swim, when I hit rock bottom, I literally felt like I had to crawl my way back, anyone who has been there can relate in many ways to this series.