Friday, 24 August 2012

Friday Night Film: The Glove

'The Glove' threatens to transcend its low budget origins on a number of occasions and become a genuinely interesting and well made film, but it meanders around and squanders chance after chance until it suddenly ends and you're left bemoaning what might have been.

Kicking off with a bizarre theme song (Frankie Laine meets Blaxploitation) and some striking credits, it starts with a tremendously moody sequence where a huge man (Rosey Grier) in a crash helmet and body armour puts on a metal knuckled gauntlet and then uses it to pound at least seven shades of shit out of prison guard Aldo Ray, knocking lumps off his car as he does so. It's a promising start, full of excitement and guerilla film technique. 'Ah', you think, 'this is going to be brilliant'.

John Saxon with A glove, not THE glove.

It's gratuitous in the film, too...

Meat fight.

Saxon takes the meat fight to the next level...

Then we are introduced to star John Saxon as a down at heel bail bondsman with a gambling problem and, after an entertaining fight with a homosexual couple, things start to wobble. Saxon's character is actually pretty good, a sort of updated Philip Marlowe with a comb across, although his constant smartarse narration gets tired very quickly. The trouble is that the film makes this character the absolute focus of everything and, while we're kept busy following his problems with child maintenance, his on off relationship with Joanna Cassidy and a scrap in a meat warehouse which ends up with him and his opponent whacking each other with legs of lamb, the big man with the nasty glove who we're really interested in is pushed to the margins, although we know that the climax of the film will come when the two meet.




More revenge.
It's quite a revenge orientated film, really.

Admittedly, we do get to see the big man don the glove and smash up another prison guard's bathroom (and face), and we get a very brief flashback that shows him on the receiving end of the glove in prison (it is apparently a riot glove, 'two pounds of steel and lead' invented to deal with student riots and used in the penal system as a disciplinary method) to establish his motivation, but we're always left wanting more. It's a shame, as what could have been an offbeat masterpiece ends up not so much an interesting failure as a series of wasted opportunities.

Sans Glove, he's a nice guy.
Here's the credits and that ridiculous theme tune. Listen out for the classic lyric 'you can't escape from the kiss and rape of the glove' - actually, you can't miss it, they say it about a zillion times.

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  1. Fancy making a film about a glove.

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