Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Never Knowingly Underacted

Graham Crowden!

He’s brilliant. 

Subtle? Graham Crowden laughs in the face of subtle. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Anything even remotely good at the cinema or on telly; Graham’s been in it.

His CV reads like a Mounds & Circles wet dream: A Very Peculiar Practice, A Company Of Wolves, Britannia Hospital, Doctor Who (he turned down the role of the 4th Doctor), Hardcore (with M&C heroine Fiona Richmond), Jabberwocky, Star Maidens, Zodiac, The Final Programme, O’ Lucky man, The Amazing Mr. Blunden, Catweazle, Jackanory - oh the list goes on…

Anyway, the picture below is of him in the Doctor Who story The Horns Of Nimon (a personal favorite).

Look at him he isn’t acting, he’s ACTING.


  1. I love dear old 'Half Crown' One of my most treasured possessions is a lovely signed photo complete with message on the back he did for me. A true legend and a tragedy when we lost him last year

  2. Yes - great to see a shout out to Crowden here; as a fan of the more.. enthusiastic.. school of character acting, he definitely holds a place in my pantheon of all-time greats, and his performances in Lindsay Anderson's films are burned into my brain for all eternity.