Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Last Gask

A little more digging has turned up another handful of cover designs Jerome Gask did for Faber.

Best Movie Stories, Guy Slater, 1969
Best Army Stories, Andrew Graham, 1967
A Torrent of Faces, James Blish, 1968
Winter Journey, Eva Figes, 1968.
Is that Uncle Arthur from 'Tales that Witness Madness'?
Best Stories of the South Seas, Philip Snow, 1967
Yesterday's Children, David Gerrold, 1974
Thanks to JH for reminding me that Gask was also responsible for the titles of Undermind, a Cold War alien invasion tv series that ABC broadcast in 1965. Those good folks at Network plan to release all ten episodes later this year.

In the meantime, here's a clip of the opening titles and some (ahem) slightly mannered acting. The closing titles feature a particularly nice flute piece from library and film composer Paul Lewis (Arthur & the Britons, Monty Python, Tales of the Unexpected, The Benny Hill Show, etc).

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  1. Thanks for these great posts of Gask designs! Amazing stuff.