Monday, 20 February 2012

Confessions Of A Sex Maniac

Columbia Pictures, makers of the classy 'Confessions' series got the arse ache about the title of 'Confessions Of A Sex Maniac' and swiftly slapped an injunction on it. Bastards. It was re-issued as 'The Man Who Couldn't Get Enough'. Hey ho.

Roger Lloyd Pack - that’s right: BLOODY TRIGGER, plays Henry, an architect trying to design a new leisure centre. Bereft of anything else to think about apart from boobs he decides to model the building on a tit, the tit. In a genius bit of thinking he tries to gawp at as many lady bumps as possible looking inspiration. The norks in question belong to a smorgasbord of 70’s beauties including Vicki Hodge, Cherri Gilham, Ava Cadell and Monika Ringwald.

Despite the film being about as sexy as watching your Gramp knock one out while watching Pan’s People on Top of the Pops, I liked it. It has those strange badly lit ‘not really having sex’ sex bits and an unusually attractive cast, with the exception of Lloyd Pack who seems to have the permanent look of a man who has a cauliflower jammed on top of his spine rather than a brain.

I rather like the Napoleon Pop Art print to the left of the topless lady in the scene above.

If you'd like to read something in a grown up newspaper, the Observer interviewed Benny Hill stalwart and ex-Private Detective, Cherri Gilham, about the film HERE.

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  1. Oh my, this one I did not know of! Thanks Dolly Dolly for enlightening me. Who'd have thought Trigger did smut? Just ordered Pete Walker's Home Before Midnight this weekend, I guess that borders on smut. Have you blogged about it? *goes to check*