Monday, 16 January 2012

Some Like It Sexy

Donovan Winter was a a former bit part actor turned Triple Threat (Writer / Director / Producer) who managed to make a handful of exploitation films in the sixties and seventies. 'Some Like It Sexy' may be his 'Citizen Kane': I enjoyed it, anyway.

Blonde himbo Christopher Matthews plays Peter, a cockney playboy with a load of chat, a wardrobe full of groovy clothes, a way out pad, a sexy MG with lips painted on it and a little black book choc-a-bloc with eager talent of all classes, creeds, nationalities and races. 

He bangs.


Double trouble.

Quadruple trouble.

Soul Sister.



Peter picks up all sorts - a German au pair, a model, a haughty society Madam (& her daughter), a pair of feuding twins who fancy each other, a black hippy chick singer / revolutionary, and a drugged up woman called 'Cream Puff' who he has a strobe lit scene with. He even carries around a briefcase full of little presents for his harem. Where he gets his money is uncertain, as is the full extent of his attraction, which seems...intermittent, to say the least. Most of the time, Peter seems uncertain and uncomfortable - hardly a worldly wise, uber confident Lothario able to juggle a dozen women at once. The scenes mostly have the awkwardness of a blind date - Peter kisses uncertainly and earnestly and doesn't really know what to do with his hands until, in the heat of the moment, his pale, smooth, hairless body seems to be replaced by a darker, blotchier, far more hirsute torso with a strong gluteus maximus and very busy hips.   

'Some Like It Sexy' is probably the most porno like smut film we've looked at so far: the whole thing is just a series of sequences in which a man and a woman (or women) meet to have sex. In the UK version, of course, the actual sex act wasn't on the cards, so what we're left with is prologue and a nagging doubt that something isn't quite right. The 'Continental' cut was full of more explicit inserts, hence the hairy undercarriage confusion, i.e. it's a stunt arse and, briefly, a stunt cock (I'm assuming that the film makers would have negotiated a slightly reduced rate on that - it's rather underwhelming).

In another nod to our dirty and immoral European cousins, Winter also adds a scene where Playboy starlets The Collinson Twins initiate a threesome with Peter only for it to turn into a sister act. Sapphic activity is, of course, a mainstay of these films, especially as it is usually non-penetrative and, therefore, censor friendly, but between twin sisters? Really? It's hugely distasteful and just much too much for a piece of fluff like this. 

In the end, there's an abrupt twist that ties up the loose ends about who Peter really is, how he lives, and how the hell a wimp like him manages to get his end away so often: he isn't actually a raver at all, he's a downtrodden butcher's boy prone to fantasising about the ladies he delivers meat to. Do you see what they did there, the clever bastards?


Lead actor Christopher Matthews had a bit of a purple patch in the late sixties, starring in this, 'Scream & Scream Again' and 'Scars Of Dracula' in quick succession. Within a few years, however, he was reduced to uncredited bit parts in 'Space 1999'. After a gap of about thirty years, he popped up in an episode of 'Rosemary & Thyme' looking much the same, i.e. anxious and slightly uncomfortable, although with a much more boring shirt. He probably shagged Felicity Kendall and Pam Ferris while on the show, or at least imagined he did.

I look forward to seeing him again in 2035.

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