Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Revolting Style of George Melly


  1. Met him once. Lovely fellow, legend

  2. Really? Lucky you! He was a bit of a childhood hero of mine.

  3. It was at Liverpool Lime Street station surprisingly enough. He was sat on a bench waiting for his train chatting to a young girl who clearly had no idea who he was, just saw him as a flamboyant old man (he was wearing one of the most colourfully patterned suits and a trilby) I went over, gushed about what a legend he was and got to shake his hand. Could see how bemused the girl was! Sadly he passed away just a few yrs later, but I'm glad to have met him in the flesh, albeit briefly. Just wish I had a camera phone at the time, a piccie would have been the icing on the cake

  4. How can you be sure your hand wasn't covered in a slow acting poison that you'd inadvertently pick up from a grubby Lime Street toilet?

    Ah - you can't can you.

    You KILLED George Melly. I hope you're proud of yourself, Mark. You disgust me.

  5. Haha!

    I hadn't thought of that....

    But, no rest assured. I wouldn't use a Lime St loo! Much more preferable to visit the Victoriana listed khazis of The Philharmonic before leaving said establishment for home ;)