Saturday, 28 January 2012

Money Shot

The 1970 film version of 'Loot' is not entirely successful, nor is it entirely Joe Orton, as genius scriptwriters Galton & Simpson were commissioned to write the screenplay, 'opening up' the play with some additional sequences and a handful of new characters.

As the film begins, bankrobbing sociopaths and lovers Hal and Dennis are in a shooting gallery on Brighton Pier. They face a series of targets representing familiar Ortonesque figures of fun - the government, schools, the church, the army, the law - all of which they gleefully and mercilessly gun down. Only one sacred cow is spared...

Money, cash, filthy lucre...


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  1. Not a bad film as such, just-as with a lot of Orton-you either take to it or not. Still Hywel's good, as per usual.