Monday, 23 January 2012

Escort Girls

It's 1972, and despite the fact that a pint of beer is only 20p, unless you're Michael Caine or a member of Slade, life is pretty much like this -- 

Or this --

Happily, there are alternatives --

If, of course, you want to get all lah-di-da about it, and have a few quid, you can always go to a proper Escort Agency and hire some sophisticated company for the evening.

Club DJ's don't change much, do they?

Looks comfortable.

A familiar Donovan Winter visual motif. 

Donovan Winter's 1972 film 'Escort Girls' covers all the angles, including Escort Boys, showing us a series of vignettes all set on the same evening in London. All human life is here: a shy virgin who spends his Xmas bonus on a date - a sophisticated business woman who needs a hunk to help her network - a couple of Scots on a spree - the inevitable big spending Yanks (male and female) who need suitable arm candy to parade around town - and a rich, mousy girl who hires a handsome black man to outrage her stuck up, racist friends at a reunion. 

Fantasy Zulu. Yes, it's John from 'The Tomorrow People' on the left.

Pretty scrappy, the film meanders around for ages before ending in a frenzy of blackmail, attempted rape, simulated rape, inter-racial sex, knees in groins and disco dancing  Things go rather well for the shy virgin (David Dixon, later to star as Ford Prefect in 'Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy') who gets the night of his life for about twenty pounds - Cinzano, an Italian meal and the company of a nice and rather attractive girl who later sleeps with him because she actually likes him and doesn't mind showing him the sexy ropes.

Pay attention, mate, this is really happening.

The glamour of the 70s.

The most extraordinary sequence is provided by 'the fabulous, sensational, sexsational Christabel Jones', a pneumatic black stripper who pours champagne over her ample bosom, simulates sex with a fox fur (see also 'Get Em Off') and then falls to the floor, covers her pudenda with unguent and rubs herself to a very public climax - this whole routine takes nearly ten minutes

So, Donovan Winter: idiosyncratic director, and a complete nutter of the first order. Well done, Sir!


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