Sunday, 11 December 2011

Yvonne's Eyeful

The darkly beautiful Yvonne Romain appeared in several classic British horror films of the early sixties in supporting roles that made the most of her exotic looks and formidable cleavage.  

'Devil Doll'

Film makers would get her in a nightdress whenever possible.

'Circus Of Horrors'

Even dead, it's all about the cleavage.

Her most familiar role is probably as the mute serving girl in Hammer's 'The Curse Of The Werewolf' where she is unjustly imprisoned, raped by a feral lunatic, commits murder, gives birth to a werewolf and then kills herself. It's a pretty depressing role, but her chest is off the chart: it should have got separate billing.

Chucked into jail...

She's not alone...

The feral lunatic strikes...

Scratched bosoms again.

Yvonne later appeared in the Elvis vehicle 'Double Trouble' (the one supposedly part set in England with lots of Mary Poppins accents) and married composer / lyricist Leslie Bricusse. They're still together, happily, but Elvis, sadly, is long gone.

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