Friday, 4 November 2011

Swap Shop

Ah, yes, 'The Wife Swappers', a 1970 film by British sexploitation director Derek Ford. It was produced by smut supremo Stanley Long, who would later do well with the three 'Adventures Of...' films (a series which aped the 'Confessions...' franchise, but, to my mind, produced superior flicks). 

It stars the nondescript and charisma free James Donnelly, Larry Taylor and Valerie St. John. A fake documentary, it concerns - you’ll be surprised to read - wife swapping. There are a few vox pop interviews in the street at the beginning which let you know you are watching a so called ‘documentary’ and every now and then a bloke sits behind a desk (I suspect without any trousers on) talking about wife swapping with all the enthusiasm of someone who’s just been told to ‘cheer up’ after hearing his whole family has just died in a car crash. 

The vignettes themselves are so far from titillating as to be slightly sinister. In an episode set on a boat, one of the ‘swappers’ tries to force himself on a woman who clearly wants nothing to do with him or his grubby 70s pants and has the unpleasant whiff of rape about it. Not big, not clever, not funny and really not very nice. Quite how anyone would find it a turn on is way beyond me. There’s an ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ bit, a strip off while playing a game bit, a voyeur bit and a bit in black and white (arty see?) where a dancing woman strips off while leering men gawp at her tits. Horrible.
It has none of the charm or wit of the Confessions/Adventures Of films. It’s just - well - grubby.

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  1. I'll definitely avoid it. But the screenshots are nice enough...