Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Marlboro Man. Rugged jawed. All American. A cowboy at one with the country. Handsome on horseback. Alone with just his steed and a filtered cigarette as the sun sets behind him on the beautiful Rocky mountains. An image that became recognisable the whole world over as the epitome of manliness.  Grr.

So what do Woodbine cigarettes in Great Britain decide to use in their ads?

That’s right – a fucking fag smoking pigeon fancier.

Non-filtered cancer soaked coffin nails, Woodbine were the fag du jour of the working man in the 1970s. He drinks pints of brown ale down in one and then burps in your Mum’s face. He can suck two tabs at a time down into his black bubbling tar filled lungs with just one twitch of his grubby yellowing nostrils. He carries a pigeon around with him all day long just because he bloody well can.

He is Great Britain and God bless him. 



  1. My dear old Nan, hitherto a non-smoker, developed lung cancer in her mid-to-late 40s. Having had one lung removed and left very wheezy and unable to walk fast, she took up Woodbines, the daft old bat.

  2. He's waxed those eyebrows, hasn't he?